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Geographical Expeditions is the magazine that takes your adventures further.

Delivered to all readers of Geographical, we want to add context to your travels, enrich your experiences and excite your curiosity.

Sarah Begum takes a walk through the ancient city of Mardin in southeastern Turkey, which lies close to the Syrian border, to find out how locals are dealing with climate change, inflation and the effects of war 
Katie Burton tries out Google’s latest products to find out if they can really enhance a holiday, or if technology is best left at home
Operating thoughtful, educational and adventurous voyages to the Canadian Arctic, One Ocean Expeditions has been hosting an array of fascinating experience-focused itineraries to this unique region for over ten years
Though best known for its gambling capital, Las Vegas, southern Nevada has so much more to offer, from canyons and lakes to desert and dunes. All available within just a few miles of the Strip it would be a shame…
As adventures go, a voyage around Antarctica is about as big as it gets
The Antarctic is our planet’s great unknown – and an even greater adventure

Bali: an enduring culture

The rice paddies of Bali are being converted into luxury guesthouses. Mark Rowe visits to find out how tourism and lack of regulation is affecting the way of life for Balinese people
The remote archipelago of Haida Gwaii, on Canada’s west coast, has been home to the Haida people for at least 6,000 years. Returning to villages once decimated by smallpox, indigenous people are reclaiming their homeland
Mark Rowe walks the rugged coast of the party island of Ibiza to discover its quieter side and the people working to keep it that way
A personal mission has led to the first botanical garden in the country of Laos

To travel, to write

What is the function of travel writing, and what should it be? Author Julian Sayarer considers the meaning behind why we go places
Laura Cole explores Slovenia’s caves to see its strange top predators and the new threats they face
History and geography are still at odds in the Canadian Arctic. During a voyage to the icy north, Ken McGoogan comes up against the conflict between what humans seek to achieve and what the High Arctic will allow
Tracing an old metaphor in modern South Korea – a country permanently calm and thriving, despite the threat coming from the North

The light of the North

The Northern Lights exert a hypnotic, gravitational pull on the human imagination. And it’s easy to understand – despite the merrily elusive tune to which the aurora borealis often dance – why every winter thousands of tourists head for the…
In The Germans and Europe: A Personal Frontline History, British journalist and author, Peter Millar, explore Germany’s sense of identity and place in the modern world. In this exclusive extract, he looks at how German food has played a role…
The Sharqiya Sands is a unique and beautiful habitat slowly opening up to students and travellers. Now a new institute of outdoor learning is aiming to help people understand and conserve one of the greatest sand deserts on the planet
Vitali Vitaliev recalls a rather bizarre real-life episode from his travels in the Soviet Union as a Moscow-based satirical journalist in the 1980s

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