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Tim Marshall is a journalist, broadcaster and author of Prisoners of Geography and Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls 
Tim Marshall asks who will stand against the Taliban in Afghanistan as the USA pull out 
El Salvador's Bukele eyes Bitcoin to renew the country’s economic independence, but the economic and environmental impacts might not add up
Tim Marshall is a journalist, broadcaster and author of Prisoners of Geography and Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls
Tim Marshall asks what the G7 stands for today and what it can achieve
Tim Marshall is a British journalist, author, broadcaster and geopolitics columnist at Geographical
Tim Marshall, British journalist, author and broadcaster, shares his thoughts on the geopolitics of the current global vaccination drive 
As the world moves away from fossil fuels, we can expect a wide variety of geopolitical bumps in the road, says Marco Magrini
The USA's recognition of Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara is a disaster for those seeking independence. Tim Marshall explains...
The international effort to stem the landmine crisis has been a humanitarian success story. The 2019 casualty numbers, however, reveal there is work yet to be done
Tim Marshall looks forward at what the world can expect from Joe Biden
Conflict in Tigray threatens to undermine progress in Ethiopia. Tim Marshall investigates
Tim Marshall examines the backdrop to current geopolitical struggles in Belarus
This week Tim Marshall turns his geopolitical lens to an unfurling conflict with long roots
The switch to renewables is likely to be as geopolitically transformative as the switch from coal to oil and gas. Tim Marshall lays out the plausible geopolitical scenarios as countries rally for renewable dominance
A programme to employ ex-guerrilla fighters as conservationists is starting to take off in Colombia 
A new study has analysed the extent of Covid-19 misinformation in traditional media sources. Results reveal the power that US President Donald Trump has to influence the circulation of misinformation 
From 2014, reports began to emerge of mass internment of the Uighur people in China's Xinjiang province. Tim Marshall explores the geographical, cultural and political context of the internment camps

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