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The UK relies heavily on forest biomass to boost its renewable energy production, but ‘renewable’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘green’
The world’s largest single organism is unprepared for the changes humans have wrought upon its ecosystem
As the year draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the most popular Geographical features of 2021
A new device, developed at ETH Zurich, could help communities under water scarce conditions to harvest water directly from the air
A new initiative to save mangrove forests in the Dominican Republic aims to protect coastal regions and sequester carbon
The semi-autonomous Russian republic of Kalmykia sits at the forefront of global climate change as the desert encroaches ever further
In Mogadishu, the troubled capital of Somalia, tentative moves towards economic regrowth are evident, but the future remains far from certain 
Researchers have predicted the birth of a new mountain range, but we won’t be around to see it 
Archaeological work around Lake Malawi suggests that humans manipulated the environment with fire many thousands of years ago 
Maida Bilal risked all to prevent contractors building a dam on the river near her home in Bosnia Herzegovina
Writer and photographer John Gilbey needed a cheap way of getting from Denver to San Francisco and he wasn’t in a hurry. A train journey across the American West aboard the California Zephyr beckoned
An EU project has revealed the extent of river fragmentation in Europe
Flattening our spherical planet onto a 2D surface has always been a tricky endeavour. A new, double-sided projection seeks to minimise the resulting inaccuracies 
 Water scarcity is predicted to rise – two experts share their predictions for the future 
New collaborative research from the University of Oxford and the University of Washington proves the link between man-made climate change and Andes flood-risk
Can international pressure stop Bolsonaro’s trampling of the Amazon?
Conceived during the late 1800s, Letchworth Garden City was the first of its kind. The ethos of its founder still permeates the town to this day
Multiple failed attempts to build on a patch of land in Bucharest resulted in a barren wasteland. Now, a hands-off approach has led to it becoming one of the largest urban parks in the world

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