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by Laura Waters • Affirm Press (via bookdepository.com) • £16.61 (paperback)
by John Halpern, MD and David Blistein • Hachette Book • £22.99 (hardback)
by Gavin Thurston • Seven Dials • £16.99 (hardback)
by Jon Gertner • Icon Books • £18.99 (hardback)
by Justin Marozzi • Allen Lane • £25 (hardback)
The Great Animal Orchestra combines the audio recordings of bioacoustics pioneer Bernie Krause and United Visual Artist’s immersive light-based spectacle to dazzling effect
Hotel Mumbai shares a true story of heroism in the face of terror and honours the real staff who laid their lives on the line, but its use of action-movie tropes detracts from an otherwise powerful story
A moving coming-of-age story about a young black man’s struggle to define himself while growing up with his mother in London

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