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December 2020 Geographical crossword

Can you complete this month’s Geographical crossword puzzle?

The first correctly completed crossword selected at random wins a copy of Philip’s Essential World Atlas – a comprehensive hardback atlas worth £25

Send your entry to Geographical, 3.16 Q West, 1100 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0GP, marked ‘December Crossword’. For more information visit www.octopusbooks.co.uk.

Entries are now closed. 


CLICK HERE for a printable version of this month’s crossword


1       It’s lace designed in central Spanish region (7)

5      Despite these imperfections, flees to the West? (7)

9      It’s not a rebuilt Euston, for example (7)

10     Some provincial French wine (3)

11     Decay initiates Reign of Terror (3)

12     Charged President with misconduct: ‘Revolutionary Che paid me’ (9)

14 and 23 down   Signals price crash in Australian town (5,7)

15    Penal amendment here in the Himalayas? (5)

17    Unexpectedly, Stevie and Ann are natives of an Italian city (9)

19    New sidesmen, including Oscar, in state capital (3,6)

21    Company has merged – complete confusion! (5)

24    Unusual heron on European river (5)

25    Last of squadron, flyer, including group leader, and another crew member (9)

27    Unwell, I get 50/50 (3)

28    Oddly smarmy America uncle (3)

29  Close working relationship, as in oil, perhaps (7)

31    Seeing changes to section header in early book (7)

32    I leave premises remodelled for Joséphine, maybe (7)


1 and 2   In a space as wild as this large landlocked salt lake (7,3)

3      Back in Alcatraz, I bill it as ‘party island’! (5)

4      Dine out unusually beside hotel cooker in Netherlands city (9)

5      Leader of druids keen to become Welsh saint (5)

6      Facts ain’t mutable? Great! (9)

7      Territorial Army leaves Costa Rica in disarray for Mediterranean island (7)

8       Comfy seats fixed on English river! (7)

13     Type of music initially played on piano? (3)

16    Big cats, strangely noiseless (9)

18    Roughly shaven, 27, in country music centre (9)

19    Affectionate term for an Australian river (7)

20   German cake taken without permission, and left inside (7)

22    Pass one in Parliament to start active climate talks? (3)

23    See 14 across

25   French city with minimal guests in the centre (5)

26   Take a firm hold of good file (5)

30    Perceive scene regularly (3)

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