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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises: Antarctica – where the world holds its breath

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises: Antarctica – where the world holds its breath Adelie penguins diving into the waters of Antarctica
The Antarctic is our planet’s great unknown – and an even greater adventure

Hapag-Lloyd CruisesBoard the new Hapag-Lloyd Cruises expedition class for fascinating expeditions into the endless Antarctic ice. Where imposing glaciers feed the oceans and icebergs seem to block the way to the diverse animal kingdom, the expedition ship and its manoeuvrable Zodiacs will find safe passage to the secret world of the sixth continent. It’s time for a surprising voyage of discovery on board the HANSEATIC inspiration!

Pack ice cracks against the bow, the air grows colder, the light more vivid: the Antarctic approaches. Feared, admired and loved in equal measure by the first research explorers, this last wilderness remains as radiant and fascinating as ever. Many people dream their whole lives of pressing on to the endless ice in the footsteps of great pioneers like Shackleton and Amundsen. Countless secrets from millions of years of the Earth’s history are hidden in the glaciers, tabular icebergs and snow-covered expanses. This magical world impresses with its raw beauty and strength yet remains incredibly fragile.

What lies behind and beneath these masses of ice? Search for answers on your expedition between the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic mainland. Listen to the crack of the ice as the Zodiacs manoeuvre past the ice floes and help you to experience unspoilt nature in a fascinating labyrinth of bizarrely shaped icebergs.

The HANSEATIC inspiration has been designed to operate effortlessly in the Antarctic sea iceThe HANSEATIC inspiration has been designed to operate effortlessly in the Antarctic sea ice


Where other ships have to turn about, the adventure is just beginning on the HANSEATIC inspiration.

The new expedition class seeks out your dream destinations through narrow channels and spectacular sculptures in the ice. The ship’s hull pushes aside the ice floes with ease, clearing the way for extraordinary views on deck. Soak in the natural panoramas in the spacious outdoor areas, on the glass balconies or in the Observation Lounge – and head deep into the untamed wilderness of the Antarctic.

With a shallow draught and the highest ice class for passenger ships, it can follow the most challenging nautical routes and travel to hardly accessible destinations. Cruise along the coast flexibly and safely between tabular icebergs, glacier formations and steep cliffs. Experience the impressive Antarctic wilderness from thrilling perspectives with a small group of like-minded people.

Zodiacs take guests closer to the breathtaking scenery than ever beforeZodiacs take guests closer to the breathtaking scenery than ever before


You need not go far from your expedition ship to encounter the unknown: together with your experienced expedition crew, you will set out on short and long hikes, enjoy fantastic views of remote valleys from mountains and glaciers, and watch penguin colonies from a short – but respectful – distance.

Where imposing glaciers calve, king penguins and seabirds gather in their thousands and seals relax on ice floes, the next sight could be your most beautiful yet. The Zodiacs will take you up close for particularly intense experiences of the southernmost continent’s glittering world. Already know your way around with a kayak? Then grab your paddle and explore the icebergs and picturesque bays from the water. Depending on the weather and ice conditions, we will take you to the heart of Antarctica’s wonders with its uniquely diverse wildlife.

Walk in the footsteps of great pioneers and scientists every single day. If the station managers allow, you can visit Antarctic research stations and see the new secrets revealed by the ice at first hand. In earlier decades, Antarctic research involved far more deprivation. Historic sites tell of the first pioneers to set foot on the southernmost continent and bring history to life.

Stunning wildlife abounds in the regionStunning wildlife abounds in the region


Learn new things, make discoveries, deepen your knowledge – the HANSEATIC inspiration will fulfil your heart’s desire. With this extensive expert-centred concept, the new expedition class is in a league of its own when it comes to learning and expertise.

Experienced experts from various disciplines, including historians, glaciologists, geologists and biologists, accompany every expedition to the Antarctic. They all share a passion for their subject and for the wonders of the sixth continent – and a desire to share this with you. Soak up their expertise during live presentations on board and feel free to ask questions at any time. The experts will also prepare for and follow up on excursions and shore activities in precaps and recaps. Is there a specific field you would like to explore in more depth? Chat to the experts whenever you like and engage in conversation with a top marine biologist or a glaciologist.

Outside in nature, the experts will remain at your side with their inexhaustible wealth of knowledge, taking part in hikes, explaining what you see and guaranteeing reliable answers to your questions, even in the Zodiacs. How old is the glacier ice beneath your feet? How do king penguins survive Antarctic winter storms? And as you stand before his grave, how did Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton become one of the outstanding figures in Antarctic research? Where historians dig stories from the ice, glaciologists explain how fields of snow develop and biologists clarify the difference between fur seals and leopard seals, delve a little deeper into the countless wonders of the Antarctic every day.

Onboard experts will enhance your experience with the inhabitants of this stunning environmentOnboard experts will enhance your experience with the inhabitants of this stunning environment


Over the course of their evolution, millions of sea birds, thousands of penguins and countless whales and seals have adapted perfectly to the Antarctic – thanks to an immense supply of krill in this region. Your expeditions with the HANSEATIC inspiration will bring you close – but with a respectful distance – to these fascinating creatures.

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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
Ballindamm 25, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Email: [email protected]
Freephone: 08000 513829

Web: www.hl-cruises.com


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