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Despite assurances from the Taliban that women in Afghanistan will be allowed to resume work and education, their future remains uncertain
Alastair Bonnett, professor of social geography at Newcastle University, charts Russia's colonial history and asks what it tells us about the war in Ukraine
Matthew Benwell, senior lecturer in human geography at Newcastle University, considers the ways in which flags can be used and co-opted 
El Salvador's Bukele eyes Bitcoin to renew the country’s economic independence, but the economic and environmental impacts might not add up
Tim Marshall is a British journalist, author, broadcaster and geopolitics columnist at Geographical
As the world moves away from fossil fuels, we can expect a wide variety of geopolitical bumps in the road, says Marco Magrini
The international effort to stem the landmine crisis has been a humanitarian success story. The 2019 casualty numbers, however, reveal there is work yet to be done
A programme to employ ex-guerrilla fighters as conservationists is starting to take off in Colombia 
A new study has analysed the extent of Covid-19 misinformation in traditional media sources. Results reveal the power that US President Donald Trump has to influence the circulation of misinformation 
Angus Parker examines the impact of the coronavirus on the stability of the Chinese Communist Party 
If the 2016 vote for Brexit was described as a political earthquake in the United Kingdom, then the 2019 general election is the equivalent to the tsunami that followed
 Klaus Dodds asks what Ivanka Trump’s awkward mingling at the G20 summit says about her father’s style of diplomacy 
From using too much electricity to stepping out the back door, a new report by Human Rights Watch reveals the extent to which every day behaviour in China’s Xinjiang region is monitored by the authorities, contributing to a regime of constant surveillance and mass…
A new prime minister in Ethiopia has enabled the end of war with neighbouring Eritrea, as peace descends upon the Horn of Africa
Steps are being taken to resolve the heated question of who owns a remote Arctic island claimed by both Canada and Denmark

Claiming the Caspian

The so-called ‘Caspian Five’ are close to finalising the legal status of who owns what in the much-disputed Caspian Sea
The King of Swaziland unexpectedly renames the country ‘the Kingdom of eSwatini’ during Golden Jubilee celebrations. Chris Fitch reports from the ceremony
As the Commonwealth prepares to take centre stage, Geographical investigates exactly how relevant the organisation is in the 21st century, and what role it may perform in an increasingly uncertain future

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