Chris Fitch

Drying out

Chile’s government is taking urgent action to prevent a water crisis after continuing low rainfall leaves no end in sight for the drought which has afflicted the country

Eye on Scotland

The Scottish extension to a nationwide census mapping project is now live, enabling anyone to view Scotland’s demographics with unprecedented detail
Klaus Dodds explores what Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's proposed constitutional changes would mean for Japan's military, and Japan's role in the world

Rite of Spring – August 2015

In the Kosovan city of Prizren, close to the borders of Albania and Macedonia, the Shehu family keep Europe's centuries-old Sufi tradition of piercing alive

Damaging droughts

Drought is having a much more detrimental impact on forest recovery than previously believed, with many trees taking up to four years to return to pre-drought levels of growth

Out of Africa

Archaeological finds shed new light on how societies dealt with climate change

Winning the Rat Race

Following a landmark eradication project, South Georgia is on the brink of a major conservation success story – being able to declare itself rat-free
Anyone familiar with the story of the ‘Arctic 30’ – thirty Greenpeace activists detained in Russia on piracy charges – will hardly be surprised by how this story unfolds
A new film hears directly from inhabitants of the Ecuadorian Amazon suffering from the detrimental effects of oil spills dating back over twenty years

Hotspot: Cyprus – August 2015

After forty years divided in two, could Cyprus be genuinely set for reunification? Klaus Dodds explains how we reached this position, and speculates on what might happen next

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