April 2016



horsesPutu SayogaPhotostory: Risking It All

Horse racing is a way of life for the people in Sumbawa Island in Indonesia. The bareback jockeys are all boys, some as young as five, few older than ten. Putu Sayoga reports


deltaAndrei Pungovschi

Cultures: Wetland Europe

In Romania’s isolated Danube Delta, fishing communities are struggling to survive in the face of tighter regulations and economic migration. Kit Gillet explores the challenges faced by one of Europe’s most bio-diverse regions


stepwellsAmar Grover

Heritage: Conserving Stepwells

As northwest India’s stepwells fall into ever worse states of disuse and disrepair, Amar Grover investigates a pilot project aimed at conserving these venerable and ancient monuments


peacePerspectives: The Road to Peace

The prospect of world peace gets a lot of lip service, but remains sadly rare. Geographical asks four experts to give their views on the complicated process of creating meaningful peace


travelGeordie Torr

Travel: Island Song

The story of Song Saa in southern Cambodia is the story of an Australian couple’s attempt to rebuild a broken community. Geordie Torr looks at how a luxury resort can improve local lives


exploreJonny Hawkins

Explore: The Day the Himalaya Shook

A kayaking expedition in Nepal took on a new dimension for Jonny Hawkins when he found himself caught in the Gorkha earthquake. Thoughts of exploration soon turned to helping those in need