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Kacper Kowalski's aerial photos capture the graphic shapes of our natural and man-made worlds  
Invasive species are considered one of the greatest threats to biodiversity, but controlling them is extremely challenging
Professor Steve Fletcher, director of the Global Plastics Policy Centre at the University of Portsmouth, offers some insight into the plan for a new global plastic pollution treaty
The international conservation agreement CITES is nearly half a century old. Now, with some parties pushing back against its decisions and other critics pointing to its unwieldy volume of paperwork, its future and effectiveness are uncertain
With Scotland’s salmon under threat, environmental groups are planting trees along riverbanks to help save them
As coastal development continues to grow, research begins to reveal the depth of our light pollution problem
Research into rhesus macaques on a remote island finds that survivors of natural disasters often show signs of premature ageing
 The release of the latest IPCC report suggests it's 'now or never' if we want to tackle climate change.
A new technique to collect animal DNA from thin air could revolutionise the monitoring of ecosystems
As animal species decline, plants that rely on them to spread their seeds could struggle to adapt to a changing climate
Calls to make ecocide a crime are gaining ground
In South Africa, a new wave of poaching has taken off, but this time it isn’t big cats, elephants or rhinos that are in the firing line, but tiny succulent plants
A volcanologist unpicks the devastating eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai
Some areas of the ocean are richer in microplastics than others. Satellites could help us identify them 
The ocean floor is home to rich deposits of metals and minerals crucial to the transition to net zero. But should we use them?
The industry will only keep growing. Could algae help to clean it up?
A monumental effort is underway to map the world’s fungal networks
In his project Black Dots, Nicholas JR White set out upon the landscapes of the UK with a large-format camera. He found a curious paradox at the heart of mountain bothy culture

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