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Xavi Bou's artistic visions of flight beguile the eye
Photographer Patrick Wack documents documents changes in the Chinese province 
Artist Sarah Gillespie used the historic mezzotint technique for her collection of British moths, highlighting both their beauty and the pressures they face
The winners of the 2021 competition of Earth Photo have been announced
Prestigious photography competition returns for a fourth year
Tom Goldner's project Do Brumbies Dream in Red? is an intimate portrayal of the effect of environmental catastophe. He sought to question our relationship with nature through the symbolism of the Australian brumby – a feral horse with a controversial reputation among…
The streets of Philadelphia are home to a small and forgotten kernel of African American horse culture – a lineage overshadowed by the typical image of the American cowboy
When photographer Matthew Maran first snapped a fox he had no idea how familiar they would soon become
Andrea DiCenzo is a photojournalist, who has covered conflicts for many years. On November 15th 2015, she encountered scenes of destruction in the newly 'liberated' town of Sinjar, northern Iraq
The winner of the Earth Photo competition was Jonk with a set of photos depicting abandoned buildings overtaken by nature
Ten photographs recently donated to Prints for Nature - a new initiative set up to support Conservation International 
In his ongoing photographic project, Carpathia, Nicholas J R White documents the mission to create a new National Park in the Southern Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Carpathia is an expansive mixture of landscape and portraiture, shot on traditional large-format film…
The shortlist for the 2020 Wellcome Photography Prize has been announced, with a series of photographs depicting the annual floods in Lagos among the candidates
Forced isolation has given many of us the chance to better appreciate the nature that lives closest to us. Butterflies are one such visitor – but while easy to admire, they’re not so easy to photograph says Keith Wilson
Photography competition, Earth Photo, returns for the third year with entries open for one more week
With so much to see on our doorsteps, this is no time to put down the camera 
Whatever your subject, looking through a macro lens provides an entirely different way of seeing the world, says Keith Wilson
German physicist, biologist and photographer, Andreas Kay was based in Ecuador and chronicled the country’s amazing array of small creatures, creating a 28,000-image strong photographic collection. Diagnosed with glioblastoma, one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer, Kay, 59, …

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