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Laura Cole

Mark Evans is an explorer, author and founder of the University of the Desert in Oman. His latest 1,300km expedition across the word’s largest sand desert, the Rub al’Khali, recreated the first crossing by Bertram Thomas in 1930
Torrential weather is boosting British renewable energy
A tree frog thought to have been extinct for 140 years has been rediscovered in the jungles of northeast India
Fitbit-style monitoring devices are revealing the importance a good day’s rest plays in the lives of polar bears
In the latest test at the Horse Hill site in Surrey, United Kingdom Oil and Gas has found that oil flows freely to the surface. Geographical investigates the future of the Weald Basin
Developed countries are exporting unfair proportions of greenhouse gases to vulnerable, less-developed countries

Mapping Greenland’s ice sheet

New findings into the world’s second largest ice body show it’s both melting and growing
The expanding effect of warmer temperatures on sea water has been greatly underestimated say German scientists
What exactly are we talking about when we say ‘the Middle East’? This, and many other fundamental questions, are answered by Dan Smith in this latest edition of The State of the Middle East Atlas

Stork of the dump

Opportunistic white storks are shortening winter migrations in favour of human landfill sites and fish farm leftovers

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