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Chris Fitch

A lack of awareness is preventing adequate monitoring of destructive tornado events in Europe
Fears that volcano eruptions in Iceland are set to regularly disrupt air travel are being tempered by a new study into the frequency of such events

Alien bird species mapped

New Zealand, Australia, and other former British colonies among the world’s hotspots for alien bird species richness
Could rail be the sustainable long-distance freight transport the world needs?
After three months en route, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust conservationist Sacha Dench and the Bewick’s swans arrived in the UK, raising awareness of declining numbers along the way
It’s rare to find insightful contemporary political commentary in what is primarily a history book. Yet this tome could hardly be more timely
How we present and view animals isn’t as objective as it may seem. A new Wellcome Collection exhibition explores how we organise and create order amid the chaos of the natural world
Red squirrels are found to be afflicted with a stubborn medieval disease
Abandoned oil and gas wells in the US are leaking significant quantities of methane
Is extinction forever? While most would assume that yes, extinction is the ultimate end-point, a fate from which no species can return, Chris Fitch investigates the small but growing movement that dares to disagree

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