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Tom Hart

Military recruitment tactics are increasingly fine-tuned to where a person lives, and how they perceive the world’s geography
Volunteers from the ‘Global South’ are an important, but poorly understood group in development work

How to smuggle oil

At its high point, ISIL was estimated to be making $2million per day smuggling oil. Geographical looks at how to smuggle a vital resource
A controlled water release from the Morelos Dam has revived vegetation on the Colorado River delta 
When deforestation occurs in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, the effects on crop production will be felt in areas as far away as the US Midwest, Europe and China, according to a new study published in Nature
A new report into sea level rises claims that by 2050, regular flooding will threaten most US coastal areas
What connects a famous rapper, fashion, and horror fiction? Climate change, apparently

Africa’s uranium legacy

Africa produces around 18 per cent of the world’s uranium, and there are plans to open new mines across the continent. But the industry has a chequered record with old mines
Cuba has been generous during the recent Ebola outbreak, but the country’s health care system faces major challenges 
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