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GeoTravelPartnerNaturetrek provides expert-led, small group and tailormade natural history holidays. We have 33 years of experience in wildlife travel, and our portfolio includes over 450 holidays to 100+ different destinations worldwide.

What Can I Expect on a Naturetrek Holiday?

All of our holidays are expertly guided by a leading ornithologist or botanist (or both). In addition, we often take an expert local guide(s). Birds, mammals and plants are usually the main focus of our tours, but we do incorporate as many other aspects of the natural world as possible, and many of our tours also include cultural highlights.

Our holidays are often longer than other wildlife tours and, because they tend to be slower-paced (with the exception of our Bargain Selection), offer more time for detailed wildlife exploration, photography, relaxation and to take an interest in the region’s people, culture, history and architecture. We spend as much time as we can in an area searching for birds, mammals and plants on foot, though we do travel by minibus at least some of the time on most of our tours as well.

Chitwan Nepal boat trip (Image: Paul Stanbury)

Our Natural History Holidays

We offer three main types of natural history tours:

  • Escorted Small-group Natural History Holidays – our small-group holidays are accompanied by at least one expert naturalist. Our groups average eight to 12 participants (with a maximum of 16) and ages of our clients range from 20 to 80+. Nearly 60 per cent of our clients are female, and over 50 per cent are single. There tends to be a complete mix of interests and varied level of natural history experience and interest amongst the members of each group; these complement each other to enhance our broad approach, and maximise the enjoyment we have on each trip.
  • Tailormade Holidays – our group tours depart on fixed dates, and are comprised of a group of people, the majority of whom do not know each other, whereas our tailormade natural history holidays have an itinerary designed especially for you, and depart on the date of your choice. If you prefer to choose who you travel with, whether family, friends or your partner/spouse, or exactly when you will travel, then a tailormade natural history holiday might best suit your needs.
  • Private Group Tours – are personalised holidays specially arranged and designed for bird clubs, botany groups and natural history societies for their members.

Cheetah (Image: Gudkov Andrey)

Themed Natural History Tours

We offer a small selection of themed wildlife tours for those with particular needs or interests:

  • Photography Holidays – led by an expert photographer
  • Go-Slow Holidays – these are single-centre tours which enjoy a region’s wildlife at a very relaxed pace!
  • Conservation Tours – these include specialist butterfly holidays run in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation, where ten per cent of the holiday proceeds are donated to the charity
  • Beginner Tours – a selection of birdwatching holidays designed to suit the novice birder
  • Day-trips – we offer a number of day or half-day natural history excursions including dolphin-watching, bat detecting and a ‘Dormouse Day’

Whale calf (Image: Lee Morgan)

Our Bargain Selection Tours

These are action-packed wildlife holidays, with a main focus on either birds or mammals and which operate at a higher, action-packed pace than our other holidays. These tours are led by expert, English-speaking local guides, and are not accompanied from the UK by a tour leader and are aimed at the very keen birder or mammal enthusiast, who is happy to spend long hours in the field.

Brown bears in Finland (Image: Erik Mandre)

Our Leaders

All of our holidays are led by English-speaking expert naturalists. Our leaders will be able to show you and help you identify many of the birds, mammals and plants that occur in the region you are visiting.

Male Eastern Bluebird


As much as possible, our holidays use character accommodation of good quality (typically 3-star or above). Our ‘In Style’ and ‘Luxury/Deluxe’ holidays offer a higher standard of accommodation, often using boutique or heritage hotels. In remote areas we use the best available accommodation.

Cranes in Japan


We offer tours worldwide to 100+ destinations, including 40 within Europe; safaris to African countries including Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa; a portfolio of exclusive-charter wildlife cruises to destinations such as Spitsbergen, the Amazon, Antarctica and the Galápagos Islands, and a host of other natural history tours to every continent!

Cape Buffalo

Your Naturetrek Experience

Your enjoyment of our holidays is of paramount importance to us. From the moment you decide to book a Naturetrek holiday, to when you receive your tour report on your return, we want the process to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. We take great pride in being able to offer you great customer service and value for money.


Telephone: 01962 733051

Email: [email protected]
Address: Mingledown Barn, Wolf’s Lane, Hampshire, GU34 3HJ

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