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Unforgettable New Zealand experiences with Endeavour NZ Itinerary Specialists

Endeavour NZ deliver specialised itineraries, helping visitors forge unforgettable memories and experiences in the splendour of New Zealand

Endeavour NZ Itinerary Specialists was set up in early 2019 by Pete Salvesen. Pete has always had a fascination for travel and has now developed a passion for New Zealand as a country and destination. Every holiday we create is one Pete would love to be on himself – he is often both excited and jealous when working with clients.  

On leaving school, Pete took the first steps towards fulfilling his dream of owning his own travel company. Starting at the bottom of the tourism food chain he took on roles in various New Zealand resorts as a porter and kitchen-hand before working his way up to hotel management and anything else on offer. He has now fulfilled his dream and offers personalised holidays for the discerning traveller. 

We offer a number of standard itineraries, including a general NZ tour, plus individual itineraries for the North and South Islands. With the help of experts, clients can also build a personalised itinerary – private guided tours are also on offer. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have changed focus to cater for the NZ domestic market and have created a number of short-stay packages and monthly special deals. We look forward to welcoming visitors to New Zealand from overseas again soon.

For more details please refer to our website. www.endeavournzitineraryspecialists.co.nz

Aoraki / Mt. Cook

Aoraki Mt. Cook

On the South Island of New Zealand, basking in the Southern Alps range, lies the magisterial Mount Cook. A popular attraction among mountain climbers and nature lovers, the surrounding forests and glacial regions are a treasure trove of inspiration for the intrepid traveller.

South Island tours by Endeavour NZ

Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga

Visit the northwesternmost tip of the Aupouri Peninsula on the North Island. The Māori consider this fabled place the jumping-off point for souls as they depart on the journey to their spiritual homeland. Ninety Mile Beach stretches along the west coast, lined with transportive sand dunes, and flanked by the Aupouri Forest.

North Island tours by Endeavour NZ

The Wanaka Tree

The Wanaka Tree

No sight reflects the space that travellers crave more than the ‘lone tree of lake Wanaka’. The crooked willow tree has long symbolised hope and endurance and is a major attraction of the South Island. Its roots are often submerged by cold water and the tree’s growth is slow. Visitors who are respectful of the tree’s fragility and natural beauty are welcomed every year.

Nature tours by Endeavour NZ

The Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki Boulders

Clustering the stretch of coastline called Koekohe Beach, spherical orbs, unusually shaped by the elemental forces of erosion, lay in wait for travellers. The boulders are concretions created by the cementation of mudstone, formed in the Paleocene era. Māori legend has it that the spherical boulders are gourds washed on shore after the Araiteuru, a canoe said to have brought the ancestors of the Ngai Tahu tribe to New Zealand, wrecked on the Otago coast hundreds of years ago.


Endeavour NZ Specialist Itinerary Tours New Zealand

For more details please refer to our website: www.endeavournzitineraryspecialists.co.nz

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