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Through the people’s lens She Abdulkadir / EMDRA / ODI / PhotoVoice
26 Jan
Geographical gets an exclusive preview from development project, Development Progress, ahead of a Royal Geographical Society exhibition starting 16 February 

She Abdulkadir Tuka, Ethiopia

‘When one member of the community is educated, they teach the rest of us, creating a ripple effect of shared learning. I have four wives, twenty-seven children and many grandchildren and although I feel regret that I had to access to modern education when I was younger I am happy for the opportunity for all my children to go to school, due to my own experiences in life, which have helped to give me strength. I am committed to teaching them my knowledge, and them teaching me theirs, and their children in the future.’

Albert Sandou, Ghana

DevProg Ghana Albert 9 1500x1120Albert Sandou / NCCE / ODI / PhotoVoice

‘In 1992, the government of Ghana wrote the new constitution for the fourth republic. Before 1992, the Ghanaians were ruled by the military, and our voices were never heard. We did not have freedom of speech or freedom of movement. Now if you listen to the radio or the TV, you will realise that people are now expressing their views without fear.’

Li Wenjing, China

DevProg China Li Wenying 07-07-14 (13) 1500x1073 Li Wenjing / YEDI / ODI / PhotoVoice

‘Our village has suffered from drought for three years in a row. Every one of us hopes for heavy rain every day, because nobody has water for living. Finally, one day it rained. The pond which has been dried out for a long time collects some water. Kids play around it. Looking at how happy they are, I really hope it does not dry out again. Normally there is no water. When it rains we have water to drink.’

Genet Shifera, Ethiopia

DevProg Ethiopia Genet 16 1500x1079Genet Shiferaw / EMRDA / ODI / PhotoVoice

‘I started school at age seven in 1983 in the area of Diksis, completing my primary education in 1990. After completing my secondary education I decided to train to become a teacher, the continued improvement in teacher training over the past 20 years, has enabled me to go on to become the Director of my primary school, called Aminya Dhaaba, and I am also now studying towards a degree in Educational Management.’

Nelson Rojas, Peru

DevProg Peru Nelson path 1500x1125Nelson Rojas / Desco / ODI / PhotoVoice

‘I live in the community of Virgen de la Candelaria. When I arrived here there wasn’t any light, roads or steps. It was very difficult to live in these conditions. I arrived at the same time as four of my cousins and we decided to work together as a collective. Now seven years later you can really see the achievements of everybody's work.’

For more on this story, see the February 2015  edition of Geographical Magazine, or listen to the Local Voices episode of Geocast.

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