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The way maps are created can have a significant impact on the way we view conflict 
Flattening our spherical planet onto a 2D surface has always been a tricky endeavour. A new, double-sided projection seeks to minimise the resulting inaccuracies 
Not all passports are created equal
Benjamin Hennig and Tina Gotthardt map the coronavirus
Benjamin Hennig maps the two sides of global malnutrition – undernourishment and obesity
From Leonardo da Vinci’s genius and the history of Starbucks, to failing dams and global light pollution, the winners of the 2019 Information Is Beautiful awards have been announced
How do you usually travel to work? Question 41 in the last UK Census asked employed people to indicate which mode of transport they used for the longest part of their usual journey to work. In combination with information about…
A revolution in digital mapmaking is underway and the implications for industry, the environment and all of humanity are huge
Benjamin Hennig explains two cartograms which demonstrate the global water security threat
Following the collapse of the upstream tailings dam in Brumadinho, Brazil, Benjamin Hennig maps tailings dams around the world
The domestication of animals for food, secondary products, labour and companionship over the past 11,000 years has led to a global distribution of domesticated species with distinct geographical patterns
Mapping the trade war between the US and China and the bean caught in the crossfire 
Check out this superb selection of mapping books - ideal gifts for the cartographer
A large-scale terrain mapping project makes Antarctica the best-mapped continent on Earth 

Under the volcanoes

Benjamin Hennig charts the impact of volcanoes on nearby human populations
A volunteer-led digital mapping project is at the heart of efforts to combat humanitarian disasters

Seismic spaces

Benjamin Hennig charts the growth and impact of the world’s earthquakes
Benjamin Hennig maps out the global production and distribution levels for diamonds

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