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Chris Fitch

A new report reveals the scale of the challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa if it is to hit its sustainable development targets, with most countries scoring badly across almost all goals
After months stranded on Antarctic ice, the crew of the wrecked Endurance finally took to the sea and set a desperate course for solid land
As Argentina’s claim to expand its territorial waters into the South Atlantic is accepted, attention has immediately turned to the implications for the UK-controlled Falklands Islands

In Amundsen’s footsteps

Team completes historic Arctic expedition recreation from Canada to Alaska

Finding Solomon’s gold

Gold mining on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, has descended into a murky yet toxic stasis, with potentially destructive environmental results

Sounds of the city

Besides the standard complaint-generating noises, what do our cities sound like on an day-to-day basis?
The contents can’t compete with the title for headline-grabbing boldness
Alastair Humphreys’ previous book, Microadventures, was a way to help people realise their ambitions to squeeze more adventure into their lives. His follow-up is an exercise in finding out exactly how large those ambitions can grow

Solving ‘Darwin’s Paradox’

An historic phenomenon explaining why fertile coral reefs form as oases in the oceans has finally been proved correct
Canada’s Inuit population is beginning a year-long project to amalgamate its varying written characters in order to create a common alphabet

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