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Chris Fitch

The recent gas well blowout in California has been confirmed as the largest methane leak in US history, equivalent to the effect of annual greenhouse gas emissions from over half a million cars

Bolivia has lost an entire lake

Lake Poopó in Bolivia, has rapidly dried up, decimating local communities. Where did the water go, and will it ever return?

Tajikistan's strict control

The widely reported shaving of thousands of Muslim men in Tajikistan is the latest in a series of strict measures adopted by the country in recent years

Has El Niño peaked?

The dramatic weather phenomenon El Niño has been growing in strength for months, but new data suggests the worst may be over
An innovative project claims to be able to solve the world’s data centre energy problems – by submerging them beneath the waves
Firstly, let’s establish that Skylines is well-researched, highly interesting, and includes fantastic illustrations. Sadly, however, the authors have missed a trick

BEING A BEAST by Charles Foster

Can man become beast? Or at least have a momentary glimpse into what the world looks, feels and smells like from the perspective of a badger, an otter, a fox, a red deer or a swift?
It’s possible that birdwatchers are even more peculiar creatures than the various species they seek
Valuable earthquake data can be collected from extremely weak seismic activity, but only if you can actually detect them. A new system inspired by a smartphone music app could be the answer
In southwest France, Chris Fitch finds himself seduced by a unique Basque cultural identity that preserves its heritage with a stubborn yet admirable passion

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