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Chris Fitch

COP21: Post-event perspectives

What role did the following key factors have at the COP21 UN climate change conference in Paris?
Shackleton allowed his crew to use up their rations with a Christmas feast, ahead of a gruelling march across the ice 
What is a mountain? It’s a complex question

Robert Penn

Robert Penn is an author, journalist and TV presenter. He wrote and produced the BBC series Tales from the Wild Wood, and wrote It’s All About the Bike and his latest book The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

Sleeping giants

What triggers supervolcano eruptions? Different studies give varying answers, with the latest research suggesting that external factors could be key

Regime change

New evidence shows that a climate ‘regime shift’ took place in the 1980s, the largest such surge forward of global warming in 1,000 years

Halfway point

2015 marked the first time that global temperatures climbed higher than 1°C above ‘pre-industrial levels’

Protecting the corridor

National Park status has been granted to a new Peruvian national park, Sierra del Divisor, the final piece in a chain of protected Amazonian rainforest

Park life

New York’s latest environmental initiative aims to break open the city’s green spaces

The ASEAN hotline

Southeast Asian defence ministries have established a communications network to improve relations and cool potential military conflicts

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