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Chris Fitch

New exhibition by painter-explorer Tony Foster depicts natural beauty around the world, as nominated by distinguished ‘luminaries’
An ambitious scientific mission has discovered that the deepest known point in the ocean turns out to be a far noisier place than might be expected

North Korea: into the crater

Mount Paektu is responsible for one of the largest eruptions in recorded history. The first ever international study of the volcano is now underway
As popularity of quinoa has escalated in recent years, so too has the price. New research explores the impact this is having on traditional South American consumers
‘The practice of perpetual mobility as political expression essential to cultural identity and livelihood’ – an attempted definition of nomadism by Nick McDonell, a subject he feels is woefully misunderstood.
Who is the real Aung San Suu Kyi? Despite the fact it’s hard to mention Myanmar without including her name in the same breath, it’s a far more complex question than we might otherwise think.
While new research shows China’s forests are in recovery, are neighbouring countries suffering as a result?
Chile aims to help meet its climate commitments by getting the Santiago Metro system to run mainly on renewable energy

Kenya sets fire to the trade

By setting fire to the world’s largest ever stockpile of ivory, Kenya aims to draw global attention to the threats facing African elephants, especially from poaching
The iconic Suez Canal now has a twin channel, likely leading to a vast increase in shipping between Port Said and Suez. However, there are dire warnings about the impact this project has had on marine wildlife in the Mediterranean

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